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My name is George Hardman and I have been a passionate collector for over 30 years. I am selling these items and collections with the hope that others may experience the joy that collecting has brought to me. Over the years I have been blessed to have spent time with well known musicians and knowledgeable people in the art and antique world.   Through these relationships I gained trusted sources of information and channels for procuring a variety of collectables.

Each item or collection offered has a story and I will be glad to share it with you - PLEASE KNOW I AM OPEN TO YOUR BEST OFFER - PLEASE CONTACT ME!

The items and collections are diverse and eclectic. What is offered on the site is a beginning, more items will be added regularly. Again, please know I am open to working out deals, selling “lot” packages and any reasonable offer will be given consideration. Throughout my journey I’ve learned to “ask anyway” and this simple act has led to amazing experiences and opportunities to express and live out my passions. I encourage you to contact me and ask if I have something you are looking for.  Questions are encouraged, and there are likely related items to something of interest that are not listed.

The guiding principle of Hardman Collectables is the letting go and passing on of my collection, with the same love, passion and curiosity that inspired me to start it.  Most importantly Hardman Collectables offers an opportunity for people to discover an item they’ve wanted to obtain for a fair price; customer satisfaction is my top priority.


For informational purposes; the item pictures are accompanied by a description; including how the item was procured where appropriate.

RETURN POLICYWe want you to be happy with your purchase!  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will work with you to make it right.   PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS.

SHIPPING:  We offer FREE PROFESSIONAL SHIPPING via UPS  and USPS.   However, due to the nature & variety of items offered; shipping costs on items being shipped outside the United States, framed items  or bulk orders will be based on a per item/order basis and determined prior to shipment.   

I look forward to meeting you and will do my best to help create new memories on your personal journey.

Welcome to Hardman Collectables and Thank You for taking the time to visit!

George & Shadow, the German Shepherd dog




I would love to talk or email about any items on this site or in my collection. I have many items that have yet to be listed so if you are looking for something specific please drop me a line. I am also willing to put together a collection for you of multiple items and discount the price accordingly.


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